Have you ever wondered what is special about the state of Oklahoma? Look no further! We have a list of 40 facts about the beautiful state of Oklahoma that you may not have known before. Please don’t get lost in the typical facts at the beginning because we have spiced things up the further you read. Also, if you have not had the pleasure of visiting this wonderful place, please put us on your bucket list. This land is our land, and we would love to share it with you!

  • 1. Oklahoma is the 28th most populous state in the United States of America.
  • 2. Oklahoma shares its border with six states: Missouri, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Colorado, and Kansas.
  • 3. Oklahoma was added to the United States of America as part of the Louisiana Purchase of 1803.
  • 4. There are over 50 languages spoken in Oklahoma due to the tribal civilizations.
  • 5. The Oklahoma state capitol holds an oil well directly underneath.
Working Pump Jack on oil well with tanks on site
  • 6. Oklahoma is the only state in the United States of America that produces Iodine.
  • 7. Shopping carts were first invented in the state of Oklahoma.
  • 8. The “Center of the Universe” is located in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, where the laws of physics are tested: An echo sounds inside the circle, leaving bystanders unable to hear on the outside.
  • 9. There are approximately 56 tornadoes each year in the state of Oklahoma.
  • 10. Oklahoma has the largest number of man-made lakes in the United States of America.
  • 11. In Oklahoma, the first parking meter was installed in 1935.
  • 12. The first Girl Scout Cookie was sold in Oklahoma during 1917.
  • 13. Oklahoma has four mountain ranges that can be found: Ouachita, Arbuckle, Wichita, and Ozark.
  • 14. Dinosaur fossils can be found near Atoka, Oklahoma, and the panhandle.
  • 15. Oklahoma is one of three states that produce helium in the United States.
  • 16. The prominent leader Geronimo is buried at Fort Sill in Oklahoma.
  • 17. Oklahoma is fourth in the nation for wheat production.
  • 18. Oklahoma is fifth in the nation for pecan production.
  • 19. It is against the law to take a bite out of someone’s burger while they are looking away in the state of Oklahoma.
  • 20. It is illegal to walk backward while eating in Oklahoma City.
  • 21. The strongest wind speeds have been recorded in Oklahoma at over 300 mph.
  • 22. Oklahoma is the same distance from New York and Los Angeles, averaging approximately 500 miles from each location.
  • 23. Oklahoma contains some strange town names, including Hooker, Slapout, Slaughterville, Cookietown, and Bushyhead.
  • 24. Brad Pitt was born in Shawnee, Oklahoma.
  • 25. In 1953, the first Sonic Drive-In was also opened in Shawnee, Oklahoma
  • 26. The name Oklahoma means “red people.”
  • 27. The Will Rogers World Airport and the Wiley Post Airport are named after two famous Oklahomans killed in the same airplane crash.
  • 28. In Oklahoma, water is used more for crop irrigation than anything else.
  • 29. Around half of Oklahoma territory belongs to native tribes.
  • 30. Oklahoma residents are commonly referred to as Okies or Sooners.
  • 31. The famous “Tiger King” Netflix series was based in Wynnewood, Oklahoma.
  • 32. In 2016, Jeff Lower bought the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park from Joe Exotic. When Exotic went to jail in 2020, Lowe relocated the park and named it Tiger King Park. It was raided by police and closed in May of 2021.
  • 33. Route 66 runs diagonally across the state of Oklahoma.
  • 34. Oklahoma is widely recognized for its aerospace industry.
  • 35. Oklahoma also produces many astronauts in the space field.
  • 36. In 1830, when Congress passed the Indian Removal Act, thousands of Native Americans were forced to relocate to Oklahoma between 1835 and 1838; This journey was named the “Trail of Tears.”
  • 37. In 1866, the state of Oklahoma abolished slavery.
  • 38. The alcohol prohibition was repealed in Oklahoma in 1959.
  • 39. In 1990, Oklahoma became the first state to put a limit on the terms of legislators.
  • 40. A terrorist bombed the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995, now known as the Oklahoma Bombing. This terrorist attack resulted in 168 deaths and hundreds more injured.
Red pin on Oklahoma city

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