Elections are just around the corner and it can be pretty confusing to determine who is running and what their platform is. To help you make a conscious choice this election cycle, here is a complete list for the upcoming elections, the candidate’s party affiliation, and some basic info about their platform.

United States Senator (being vacated by Jim Inhofe)

  • Markwayne Mullin (R) U.S. Representative Markwayne Mullin (house.gov) – Mr. Mullin has served as Congressman since November 2012 and currently serves on the House Energy and Commerce Committee and other committees. He is one of five Native Americans that currently serve in the house.

  • T.W. Shannon (R) T.W. for Oklahoma (twforsenate.com) – Mr. Shannon believes in the power of capitalism and going ALL IN for America. He wants to ensure that the government stands ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’ ensuring rights and liberties for all.

  • Alex Gray (R) Oklahoma | Alex Gray for U.S. Senate (alexgrayforsenate.com) – Mr. Gray has served as Chief of Staff of the National Security Council under President Donald Trump. He has fought against unfair trade policies as Deputy Director of the Office of Trade & Manufacturing Policy.

  • Nathan Dahm (R) Nathan Dahm | Oklahoma Senate (oksenate.gov) – Mr. Dahm has served on the Executive Committee, as a Precinct Chair and Vice-chair, and as the President of the Tulsa Area Republican Assembly.

  • Luke Holland (R) Luke Holland For Oklahoma | U.S. Senate – Mr. Holland has worked alongside Senator Jim Inhofe fighting against liberal agendas. As Senator, he will defend the gains made under former President Donald Trump.

  • Adam Holley (R) Adam For Oklahoma – Adam For US Senate – Mr. Holley’s experiences are in public service, law enforcement, and business management. He will lead our country back to the Republic that our founding fathers forged.

  • Laura Moreno (R) Laura Moreno for US Senate | Facebook – As a Senator, Laura Moreno, will submit bills to secure the border, give amnesty to all hard working immigrants, limit state assistance to 5 years, tax marijuana to fund public schools, open the Keystone pipeline, more USA manufacturing, and protect all Americans from coerced experimentation.

  • Scott Pruitt (R) Scott Pruitt for Senate – Mr. Pruitt has served as a member of President Donald Trump’s Cabinet, led the fight to make America energy independent, and as head of the Environmental Protection Agency repealed the Clean Power Plan.

  • Paul Royse (R) Paul Royse for US Senate 2022 – Paul Royse promises that he will not lie to you if elected. He intends to help with border patrol, free speech, and fight for America’s financial crises.

  • John F. Tompkins (R) John Tompkins | Elect535 – As Senator, Mr. Tompkins, brings financial strength and will fight for gun safety, healthcare, and reproductive rights.

  • Randy J. Grellner (R) Dr. Grellner for US Senate (drgrellnerussenate.com) – Dr. Randy Grellner is not a career politician. He will fight for your every day values and beliefs.

  • Robert Murphy (L) Robert Murphy | Elect535 – As Senator, Mr. Murphy, brings financial strengths and will fight for gun safety, our environment, and healthcare.

  • Kendra Horn (D) Home - Kendra Horn for US Senate – Kendra Horn became the first Democratic woman to represent Oklahoma in Congress. She brings to the table a background career in government relations, leadership development, law marketing, branding, public relations, and crisis communications across public and private sectors. As an Oklahoma Senator, she is dedicated to supporting the next generation of leaders through organizations such as the Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature.

  • Ray Woods (I) He is a common independent man who pledges to go forth and present a reboot amendment.

United States Senator

  • James Lankford (R) Home | U.S. Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma (senate.gov) – Senator Lankford currently serves as a leader on the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee’s Subcommittee on Government Operations and Border Management. He successfully blocked President Biden’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement office from opening a temporary overflow facility.

  • Jackson Lahmeyer (R) Jackson Lahmeyer for U.S. Senate – Senator Lahmeyer’s goal is to stand firmly united behind our faith, family, and freedoms. He pledges to be a courageous fighter for our Oklahoma values.

  • Joan Farr (R) Home (joanfarr.com) – Senator Farr believes that truth is the new politics and she will put children and family before money. She wants to end the pandemic and implement a plan for the USA to get out of debt.

  • Kenneth D. Blevins (L) Kenneth Blevins for US Senate – Kenneth Blevins for US Senate (blevinsforsenate.com) – Mr. Blevins understands the needs of the average working American. He will advocate for family-owned business and believes in the basic principles of liberty that our founding fathers sought to protect.

  • Jason Bollinger (D) Home - Jason Bollinger for U.S. Senate (jasonforoklahoma.com) – Senator Bollinger pledges to fight for the things that are important such as affordable healthcare and a government that works. He states that Oklahomans need a better infrastructure, an improved education system, security for our nation, and so much more.

  • Madison Horn (D) Madison Horn | For U.S. Senate – Senator Horn is rooted in hope for the future and to serve the people. She will take action to strengthen our education system, security of human rights, quality healthcare, and so much more.

  • Arya Azma (D) Arya Azma For Oklahoma (aa4ok.com) – Senator Azma believes in preventing emergencies by thinking ahead. He will fight for key issues such as Oklahoma’s economy, public education, stricter border enforcements with more accessible immigrant visas, address the deficit by reducing spending while avoiding base closures at home, and many more.

  • Brandon Wade (D) Home | Brandon Wade For U.S. Senate (brandonwadeussenate22.com) – Senator Wade states that we must take a stand and fight together to take back our government. He believes that every US citizen must be provided healthcare.

  • Dennis L. Baker (D) Dennis Baker US Senate - Home (dennislbaker.com) – Senator Baker will continue fighting for a safe community, jobs that pay a living wage, quality public schools, affordable colleges, and access to healthcare for everyone. He brings a promise to fight for the issues that matter to Real Oklahomans.

  • Jo Glenn (D) Jo Glenn for Senate – Senator Glenn is running to represent you and to restore our democracy. As a life-time Oklahoma she knows the importance of empowering individuals and communities.

  • Michael L. Delaney (I) Oklahoma Senate Election 2022 Vote candidate Michael Delaney (michaelldelaney.com) – Senator Delaney encourages everyone to vote in the mid-term elections. He stand for the every American whether they’re full-time workers or homeless. The issues he will fight to improve are environmental, infrastructure, healthcare, and many more.

United States Representative- District 01

United States Representative- District 03

United States Representative- District 04

United States Representative- District 05

Oklahoma Governor

Kevin Stitt (R) Kevin Stitt for Governor – Kevin Stitt wants Oklahomans to know that he will continue his vision for a better Oklahoma. Taxpayers know that they can count on him to deliver more for their money. Leading the state conservatively, he has built the largest savings account in history, cut taxes, and funded common education, all at historic highs. His reform stands are:

  • Budget – cutting Oklahomans taxes which leads to keeping more of their hard earned money.
  • Government – Oklahoman’s can count on Gov. Stitt to hold the state accountable by getting rid of unnecessary and burdensome red tape.
  • Oklahoman’s – by putting Oklahoman’s first, he will eliminate ghost students through open transfer and education funding reforms. He will grant historic second chances, reunite families, and make our communities safer.


Mark Sherwood (R) ABOUT | Sherwood for OK Gov (sherwood2022.com) – Mark Sherwood wants Oklahomans to know he is willing to face controversial issues head on. His stands with leadership not politics. Dr. Sherwood will not be silent; his stands are:

  • Tribal Nations – restoring relations with sovereignty by establishing cooperative working relationships with each of the 39 tribal nations in Oklahoma.
  • Oil and Gas – intends to restore oil and gas through nullifying the Tenth Amendment in order for the hard working, law-abiding Oklahomans to continue to provide for their families.
  • Tax Reform – his every action is to decrease taxes freeing up Oklahoman’s tax dollars, to proactively help boost our Oklahoma economy.


Joel Kintsel (R) https://www.joelkintsel.com/ Joel Kintsel is ready to step up to the challenges that Oklahoman’s face. By sharing core values, he will serve the people and lead with integrity. Standing firm with values such as:

  • Energy Solutions – ensuring that Oklahoma families do not continue to pay high prices at the pump, he will protect and empower business owners and workers across our state.
  • Education Excellence – by letting experts lead the way on education policies, as Governor he will work to organize a blue-ribbon panel of experts and parents. With everyone working together, Oklahoma will pave the way going forward for our children’s educational future.
  • Federal Mandates – valuing one of the most important duties of governor, Mr. Kintsel will serve as commander of our state’s national guardsmen by defending them, and all Oklahoman’s, against unconstitutional mandates that threaten jobs and liberties.


Moira McCabe (R) MoiraMcCabe4Oklahoma | Mccabeforgovernor | Moira McCabe | Oklahoma | Moira – Moira McCabe has many things that she plans to do if she’s elected governor.

  • Healthcare – by giving the people of Oklahoma control of their healthcare, she will reduce hospital costs, put a cap on up charges, and improve mental health care for veterans and non-veterans alike.
  • Environment – she will as governor, help family farms that are in need, put together a voluntary second line of defense in case of disasters, and test soil and water for heavy metals and contamination ensuring that Oklahoma will be more self-sustaining.
  • Business – as governor, Moira McCabe will work to increase oil production and build up reserves and bring the hemp industry in to fill up gaps from shortages.


Natalie Bruno (L) Natalie Bruno for Oklahoma (electnataliebruno.com) – Natalie Bruno’s motto is ‘Fight to Unite Oklahoma.’ She believes that her unique insights will help her better serve our state of Oklahoma. On her platform, she stands for these issues:

  • Education – by accepting funds from the federal government, Oklahoma is losing money for education. Our students suffer greatly, and every student deserves to an education that will ensure that they become a successful adult.
  • Constitution – believing what Samuel Adams said about corruption, liberty, and happiness, Natalie Bruno stands strong with the foundation that our forefathers constructed. She will strive to keep Oklahoma moving towards a more perfect union.
  • Healthcare – by offering tax reductions to healthcare providers, this will allow insurance companies to make healthcare prices transparent in Oklahoma. Also, this should make healthcare expenses tax-deductible, which on one should have to pay taxes to stay alive and healthy.


Connie Johnson (D) Connie Johnson For Governor – Connie for Oklahoma – strongly supporting Oklahoma’s cannabis industry, she introduced the first ever medical cannabis bill. She has a passion for people and works for the people on issues such as:

  • Education – sharing a common goal, Oklahoman’s want a quality education for our children. Connie Johnson prioritize Oklahoma’s education system by properly funding public education.
  • Healthcare – improving our healthcare by addressing issues and providing access to affordable, quality care for all hard-working Oklahomans is a top priority. Connie Johnson will work to increase our ranking in the state’s national by advocating for effective costs controls for prescription drugs and hospital costs.
  • Economics – by increasing minimum wage, Connie Johnson will fight to raise Oklahoman’s out of poverty. Raising wages for workers under 35-years-old and women will help fight inequality and racism, and allow for Oklahomans to pay rent, utility bills, buy groceries, and have reliable transportation.


Joy Hofmeister (D) Joy For Oklahoma | Joy Hofmeister For Oklahoma Governor – always putting faith and family first, Joy Hofmeister will fight education and hard work to bring people together to improve lives. After serving as State Superintendent of Education, Joy intends to step up, fight and take action.

  • Education – Joy will focus on funding public education to its fullest and ending teacher shortages. She stated that public education is the bedrock of our communities.
  • Economy – Joy will fight for jobs for Oklahoma families. Her focus will also be on emphasizing the need for broadband access in every ZIP code.
  • Healthcare – Quality and affordable health care is key for freedom to make health care decisions.


Ervin Stone Yen (I) CAMPAIGN HEADQUARTERS (yen4gov.com) – solely representing the ideology of what matters to Oklahomans. Dr. Ervin Yen would be honored to represent Oklahomans by standing with a voice of strength and diversity on these issues:

  • Education – by increasing funding for education, Oklahoma will rise out of its unacceptable current state. Dr. Yen will ensure better funding, increasing teacher salaries, and addressing testing that the state requires.
  • Healthcare – with having a plan already in place, Oklahoma will never again find itself floundering during a crisis such as the covid pandemic and other contagious diseases.
  • Drug Crisis – by assembling an award-winning communications team, Dr. Yen intends to fight the growing use of drugs such as opioids. Addressing the problems of alcohol and drugs, he will create more accessible rehabilitation facilities here in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Lieutenant Governor

  • Matt Pinnell (R) Lieutenant Governor Matt Pinnell - Home (ok.gov) – Matt Pinnell has served as President of the Oklahoma State Senate since November 6th, 2018. His role as Senate has included Secretary of Tourism and a member on the Wildlife and Heritage cabinet. His focus has been on promoting tourism and rebranding Oklahoma to retain and recruit more jobs to the state.

  • Chris Powell (L) He has served in the US Marine Corps Reserve and as a chair member of the Oklahoma Libertarian Party. He’s experienced in evidence custodian and a 911 dispatcher. He stands for market-led recovery, strongly supports same-sex marriage, and believes that stricter punishment doesn’t reduce crime.

  • Melinda Alizadeh-Fard (D) Melinda Alizadeh-Fard circle.fw | Oklahoma Democratic Party 405 427-3366 (okdemocrats.org) – They are currently researching Melinda Alizadeh-Fard. Melinda has gone through the immigration process and currently assists families and their applications.

Oklahoma State Auditor & Inspector

Oklahoma Attorney General

Oklahoma Lieutenant Governor

Oklahoma Superintendent of Public Instruction

Oklahoma Commissioner of Labor

Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner

Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner

District Judge- District 1, Office 1

  • Jon K. Parsley

District Judge- District 2, Office 1

  • Jill Carpenter Weedon

District Judge- District 3, Office 1

  • Brad David Leverett

District Judge- District 4, Office 1

  • Justin P. Eilers

District Judge- District 4, Office 2

  • Paul K. Woodward

District Judge- District 4, Office 3

  • Tom L. Newby

District Judge- District 5, Office 1

  • Emmit Tayloe

District Judge- District 5, Office 2

  • G. Brent Russell
  • Bobby Lewis

District Judge- District 5, Office 3

  • Steven W. Crow
  • Jay Walker
  • Neil West
  • Tommy Sims

District Judge- District 5, Office 4

  • Brad Cox
  • Scott Meaders

District Judge- District 5, Office 5

  • Grant D. Sheperd
  • James R. Jake Willson

District Judge- District 6, Office 1

  • Kory Kirkland

District Judge- District 7, Office 1

  • Aletia Haynes Timmons

District Judge- District 7, Office 2

  • Kaitlyn Allen
  • Brian Young

District Judge- District 7, Office 3

  • Merydith Easter
  • Amy Palumbo
  • Joan L. Lopez

District Judge- District 7, Office 4

  • Kenneth M. Stoner

District Judge- District 7, Office 5

  • Beau Phillips
  • Natalie Mai
  • Jason Seabolt

District Judge- District 7, Office 6

  • C. Brent Dishman

District Judge- District 7, Office 7

  • Cindy H. Truong

District Judge- District 7, Office 8

  • Heather Coyle

District Judge- District 7, Office 9

  • Anthony L. Bonner Jr.

District Judge- District 7, Office 10

  • Susan Stallings

District Judge- District 7, Office 11

  • Richard C. Ogden

District Judge- District 7, Office 12

Sheila D. Stinson

District Judge- District 7, Office 13

  • K. Nikki Kirkpatrick
  • Rand Eddy
  • Miguel A. Garcia

District Judge- District 7, Office 14

  • James Siderias
  • Kathryn Ruth Savage

District Judge- District 7, Office 15

  • Don Andrews

District Judge- District 8, Office 1

  • Lee Turner

District Judge- District 9, Office 1

  • Phillip Corley

District Judge- District 10, Office 1

  • Stuart L. Tate

District Judge- District 11, Office 1

  • Linda S. Thomas

District Judge- District 12, Office 1

  • Shawn Taylor

District Judge- District 12, Office 2

  • Lara Russell

District Judge- District 12, Office 3

  • Stephen R. Pazzo Jr.

District Judge- District 13, Office 1

  • Jennifer McAffrey

District Judge- District 14, Office 1

  • Caroline Wall

District Judge- District 14, Office 2

  • Sharon K. Holmes

District Judge- District 14, Office 3

  • Tracy Priddy

District Judge- District 14, Office 4

  • Daman Cantrell

District Judge- District 14, Office 5

  • Michelle Lee Bodine-Keely

District Judge- District 14, Office 6

  • Kelly Morgan Greenough

District Judge- District 14, Office 7

  • Bill LaFortune

District Judge- District 14, Office 8

  • Doug Drummond

District Judge- District 14, Office 9

  • Jim Huber

District Judge- District 14, Office 10

  • Dawn Moody

District Judge- District 14, Office 11

  • Rebecca Nightingale

District Judge- District 14, Office 12

  • Kevin Gray
  • Tanya N. Wilson
  • Todd Tucker

District Judge- District 14, Office 13

  • R. Kyle Alderson
  • David A. Guten

District Judge- District 14, Office 14

  • Kurt Glassco

District Judge- District 15, Office 1

  • Tim King

District Judge- District 15, Office 2

  • Douglas Kirkley

District Judge- District 15, Office 3

  • Jeff Payton

District Judge- District 15, Office 4

  • Bret A. Smith

District Judge- District 16, Office 1

  • Jonathan K. Sullivan

District Judge- District 17, Office 1

  • Emily Maxwell Herron
  • Johnny S. Loard

District Judge- District 18, Office 1

  • Michael Hogan

District Judge- District 19, Office 1

  • Mark R. Campbell

District Judge- District 20, Office 1

  • Dennis Morris

District Judge- District 20, Office 2

  • Wallace Coppedge

District Judge- District 21, Office 1

  • Michael David Tupper
  • Patrick Crowe

District Judge- District 21, Office 2

  • Leah Edwards

District Judge- District 21, Office 3

  • Thad Balkman

District Judge- District 21, Office 4

  • Lori M. Walkley

District Judge- District 21, Office 5

  • Jeff Virgin

District Judge- District 22, Office 1

  • Timothy L. Olsen

District Judge- District 22, Office 2

  • Steve Kessinger

District Judge- District 23, Office 1

  • Joe Dobry
  • Traci L. Soderstrom
  • Chad Moody

District Judge- District 23, Office 2

  • John G. Canavan Jr.

District Judge- District 24, Office 1

  • Douglas W. Golden

District Judge- District 24, Office 2

  • Lawrence W. Parish

District Judge- District 24, Office 3

  • Pandee Ramirez

District Judge- District 24, Office 4

  • Kelly Hake

District Judge- District 25, Office 1

  • D. Clay Mowdy

District Judge- District 26, Office 1

  • Paul Hesse

District Judge- District 26, Office 2

  • Khristan Strubhar

Associate District Judge- Adair County

  • Liz Brown

Associate District Judge – Alfalfa County

  • Loren E. Angle

Associate District Judge – Atoka County

  • Preston Harbuck

Associate District Judge – Beaver County

  • Ryan D. Reddick
  • Abby M. Cash

Associate District Judge – Beckham County

  • Michelle Kirby Roper

Associate District Judge – Blaine County

  • Jenna Brown
  • Allison Lafferty

Associate District Judge – Bryan County

  • Abby C. Rogers

Associate District Judge – Caddo County

  • Wyatt Hill

Associate District Judge – Canadian County

  • Bob Hughey
  • Rachel Bussett

Associate District Judge – Carter County

  • Ryan G. Hunnicutt
  • Thomas K. Baldwin

Associate District Judge – Cherokee County

  • Josh King

Associate District Judge – Choctaw County

  • Bill Baze

Associate District Judge – Cimarron County

  • Christine M. Larson

Associate District Judge – Cleveland County

  • Bethany Stanley

Associate District Judge – Coal County

  • Joe Trail

Associate District Judge – Comanche County

  • Lisa Shaw

Associate District Judge – Cotton County

  • Michael C. Flanagan

Associate District Judge – Craig County

  • Joseph M. Gardner

Associate District Judge – Creek County

  • Laura Farris

Associate District Judge – Custer County

  • Donna L. Dirickson

Associate District Judge – Delaware County

  • David Crutchfield

Associate District Judge – Dewey County

  • Celo J Harrel

Associate District Judge – Ellis County

  • Laurie E. Hays

Associate District Judge – Garfield County

  • Brian N. Lovell

Associate District Judge – Garvin County

  • Laura McClain
  • Steve Kendall

Associate District Judge – Grady County

  • Z. Joseph Young

Associate District Judge – Grant County

  • Steven A. Young
  • Jeff Crites
  • Bill Shaw

Associate District Judge – Greer County

  • Eric Yarborough

Associate District Judge – Harmon County

  • Winford Mike Warren

Associate District Judge – Harper County

  • Aric A. Alley

Associate District Judge – Haskell County

  • Brian Henderson

Associate District Judge – Hughes County

  • Trisha D. Smith

Associate District Judge – Jackson County

  • Rafe Hall

Associate District Judge – Jefferson County

  • Dennis L. Gay

Associate District Judge – Johnston County

  • Laura J. Corbin

Associate District Judge – Kay County

  • David Bandy

Associate District Judge – Kingfisher County

  • Lance E. Schneiter

Associate District Judge – Kiowa County

  • Ricky A. Marsh

Associate District Judge – Latimer County

  • Meg Nicholson
  • David Hale
  • Janice Kay Skimbo

Associate District Judge – LeFlore County

  • Marion D. Fry

Associate District Judge – Lincoln County

  • Sheila Gatlin Kirk

Associate District Judge – Logan County

  • Luke Duel

Associate District Judge – Love County

  • Todd Hicks

Associate District Judge – McClain County

  • Charles N. Gray
  • William Deveraux Jr.

Associate District Judge – McCurtain County

  • Tim T. Ragland

Associate District Judge – McIntosh County

  • Brendon Bridges

Associate District Judge – Major County

  • Timothy Dean Haworth

Associate District Judge – Marshall County

  • Gregory Johnson

Associate District Judge – Mayes County

  • Rebecca J. Gore

Associate District Judge – Murray County

  • Aaron S. Duck

Associate District Judge – Muskogee County

  • Orvil Loge
  • Chad Locke

Associate District Judge – Noble County

  • Nikki G. Leach

Associate District Judge – Nowata County

  • Carl G. Gibson

Associate District Judge – Okfuskee County

  • Maxey Reilly

Associate District Judge – Oklahoma County

  • Richard W. Kirby
  • Angela Singleton
  • Christian Henry

Associate District Judge – Okmulgee County

  • Cynthia D. Pickering

Associate District Judge – Osage County

  • Burl Oscar Estes II

Associate District Judge – Ottawa County

  • R. Matt Whalen

Associate District Judge – Pawnee County

  • Patrick Pickerill

Associate District Judge – Payne County

  • Michael Kulling

Associate District Judge – Pittsburg County

  • Tim Mills

Associate District Judge – Pontotoc County

  • Lori Jackson

Associate District Judge – Pottawatomie County

  • Tracy McDaniel

Associate District Judge – Pushmataha County

  • Jana Wallace

Associate District Judge – Roger Mills County

  • Pat VerSteeg

Associate District Judge – Rogers County

  • Tom Sawyer
  • Sue Nigh
  • Mark Antinoro

Associate District Judge – Seminole County

  • Brett Butner

Associate District Judge – Sequoyah County

  • Kyle Evan Waters

Associate District Judge – Stephens County

  • Lawrence M. Wheeler
  • Anthony Sykes

Associate District Judge – Texas County

  • Alfred Clark Jett

Associate District Judge – Tillman County

  • Brad Benson

Associate District Judge – Tulsa County

  • Cliff Smith

Associate District Judge – Wagoner County

  • Rebecca Hunter
  • Eric Michael Jordan
  • Steve Money

Associate District Judge – Washington County

  • Russell C. Vaclaw

Associate District Judge – Washita County

  • S. Brooke Gatlin

Associate District Judge – Woods County

  • Mickey J. Hadwiger

Associate District Judge – Woodward County

  • Erin N. Kirksey

District Attorney- District 1

  • George Buddy Leach III (R)

District Attorney- District 2

  • Angela Marsee (R)

District Attorney- District 3

  • David Thomas (R)

District Attorney- District 4

  • Mike Fields (R)

District Attorney- District 5

  • Kyle Cabelka (R)

District Attorney- District 6

  • Jason Hicks (R)

District Attorney- District 7

  • Kevin Calvey (R)
  • Gayland Gieger (R)
  • Robert W. Gray (R)
  • Jacqui Ford (R)
  • Mark Myels (D)
  • Vicki Behenna (D)

District Attorney- District 8

  • Brian Hermanson (R)

District Attorney- District 9

  • Laura Austin Thomas (R)

District Attorney- District 10

  • Mike Fisher (R)

District Attorney- District 11

  • Will Drake (R)

District Attorney- District 12

  • Matthew J. Ballard (R)

District Attorney- District 13

  • Kenny Wright (R)
  • Doug Pewitt (R)

District Attorney- District 14

  • Steve Kunzweiler (R)

District Attorney- District 15

  • Matthew R. Price (R)
  • Larry Edwards (R)

District Attorney- District 16

  • Kevin S. Merritt (R)

District Attorney- District 17

  • Mark A. Matloff (R)

District Attorney- District 18

  • Matthew Sheets (R)
  • Chuck Sullivan (R)

District Attorney- District 19

  • Tim Webster (R)

District Attorney- District 20

  • Craig Ladd (R)

District Attorney- District 21

  • Greg Mashburn (R)

District Attorney- District 22

  • Erik Johnson (R)

District Attorney- District 23

  • Tanya Roland (R)
  • Allan Grubb (R)
  • David Hammer (R)

District Attorney- District 24

  • Max Cook (R)

District Attorney- District 25

  • Carol Iski (R)

District Attorney- District 26

  • Christopher M. Boring (R)

District Attorney- District 27

  • Jack Thorp (R)

State Senator – District 2

State Senator – District 4

State Senator – District 6

State Senator – District 8

State Senator – District 10

State Senator – District 12

State Senator – District 14

State Senator – District 16

State Senator – District 18

State Senator – District 20

State Senator – District 22

State Senator – District 24

State Senator – District 26

State Senator – District 28

State Senator – District 30

  • Lori Callahan (R)
  • Julia Kirk (D)

State Senator – District 32

  • John Michael Montgomery (R)
  • Johnny Jernigan (D)

State Senator – District 34

State Senator – District 36

State Senator – District 38

State Senator – District 40

State Senator – District 42

State Senator – District 44

State Senator – District 46

State Senator – District 48

State Representative- District 1

State Representative- District 2

State Representative- District 3

State Representative- District 4

State Representative- District 5

State Representative- District 6

State Representative- District 7

State Representative- District 8

State Representative- District 9

State Representative- District 10

  • Judd Storm (R)

State Representative- District 11

State Representative- District 12

State Representative- District 13

  • Jimmy W. Haley (D)

State Representative- District 14

State Representative- District 15

State Representative- District 16

State Representative- District 17

State Representative- District 18

State Representative- District 19

State Representative- District 20

State Representative- District 21

State Representative- District 22

State Representative- District 23

State Representative- District 24

State Representative- District 25

State Representative- District 26

State Representative- District 27

State Representative- District 28

State Representative- District 29

State Representative- District 30

State Representative- District 31

State Representative- District 32

State Representative- District 33

State Representative- District 34

State Representative- District 35

State Representative- District 36

State Representative- District 37

State Representative- District 38

State Representative- District 39

State Representative- District 40

State Representative- District 41

State Representative- District 42

State Representative- District 43

State Representative- District 44

State Representative- District 45

State Representative- District 46

State Representative- District 47

State Representative- District 48

State Representative- District 49

State Representative- District 50

State Representative- District 51

State Representative- District 52

State Representative- District 53

State Representative- District 54

State Representative- District 55

State Representative- District 56

State Representative- District 57

State Representative- District 58

State Representative- District 59

State Representative- District 60

State Representative- District 61

State Representative- District 62

State Representative- District 63

State Representative- District 64

State Representative- District 65

State Representative- District 66

State Representative- District 67

State Representative- District 68

State Representative- District 69

State Representative- District 70

State Representative- District 71

State Representative- District 72

State Representative- District 73

State Representative- District 74

State Representative- District 75

State Representative- District 76

  • Timothy Brooks (R)

State Representative- District 77

State Representative- District 78

State Representative- District 79

State Representative- District 80

State Representative- District 81

State Representative- District 82

State Representative- District 83

State Representative- District 84

State Representative- District 85

State Representative- District 86

State Representative- District 87

State Representative- District 88

State Representative- District 89

State Representative- District 90

State Representative- District 91

State Representative- District 92

State Representative- District 93

State Representative- District 94

State Representative- District 95

State Representative- District 96

State Representative- District 97

State Representative- District 98

State Representative- District 99

State Representative- District 100

State Representative- District 101

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