Each March, Oklahomans join the United States in celebrating St Patrick’s Day by raising a glass of green beer, wearing their best green clothing, and attending one of the many festivals and celebrations across the state. Whether you are honoring your Irish heritage or spending the day with your friends or family, why not support local businesses and choose Made in Oklahoma products this holiday? To help you have more fun this St. Patrick’s Day, Why Not Oklahoma wants to share some of our favorite bashes and locations across the state!

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St. Patrick’s Day in Tulsa

St Patrick’s Day becomes an annual party in Tulsa’s Blue Dome District and the nearby Cherry Street. The entire district turns green during the holiday as thousands of spectators hit the streets and visit some of the hometown pubs and bars with Irish history. Since several of these locations are within walking distance to one another, the Blue Dome St. Patrick’s Day Celebration makes for an excellent pub crawl!

Perhaps one of the most well-known Irish pubs in Downtown Tulsa, the Blue Dome McNellie’s is the original of the three located across Oklahoma’s biggest metropolitan areas. James E. McNellie’s Public House features a robust menu that includes traditional Irish foods, including Cottage Pie, Potato Leek Soup, and a Brat Platter. Although, those interested in a more conventional St. Patrick’s Day in Tulsa will be impressed with the 350 beers on the menu.

Toasting for St. Patrick

There is no denying that Arnie’s Bar is Tulsa’s most popular Irish-themed pub. Arnie’s Bar takes part in the annual celebration of St. Patrick’s Day by eliminating the cover charge found at other bars in the area, scheduling live music during the evening, and offering some of the most popular Irish brews available on tap, including Smithwick’s, Guinness, Killian’s Irish Red, and Harp. If you are lucky enough to make it early, you can even play a round of darts or shuffleboard.

Anyone looking to step away from Blue Dome District can still have fun on Cherry Street. One of the most popular St. Patrick’s Day events in Tulsa can be found at Kilkenny’s Irish Pub. With an impressive menu featuring countless Irish favorites, including Corned Beef and Cabbage, Beer-Battered Fish and Chips, and Authentic Potato Soup, you can’t go wrong. During St. Patrick’s Day, visitors can also visit Kilkenny’s party tent for live music, countless Made in Oklahoma vendors, and their favorite pints.

St. Patrick’s Day in OKC

From the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade to going green in the Myriad Botanical Gardens, residents and visitors of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area will find a ton of great Irish-themed festivities and pubs to celebrate the holiday. If you plan to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in OKC or the surrounding areas, here are some of the places that Why Not Oklahoma recommends adding to your itinerary!

Many people in Oklahoma City will already be familiar with Sean Cummings Irish Restaurant because of the free Celtic Festival they host in October; however, the primary location is also a great place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. With several crowd-pleasers like Guinness Wings, Irish Breakfast, and Boxty, anyone looking for an authentic experience this holiday can find it at Sean Cummings Irish Restaurant. They even have dining options for the wee ones!

Anyone looking for a toned-down St. Patrick’s Day experience away from the crowds will likely find themselves at Saints Pub in OKC. Located in the trendy Plaza District, guests can expect a great dining experience that includes traditional Irish dishes like the O’Patty Loaf Sandwich or Lamb and Barley Stew. Consider checking out their extensive Irish Whiskey collection for anyone looking to celebrate like the locals.

The company of young people celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Anyone looking to escape from the city to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day can take a short drive north to Norman, Oklahoma. While the crowds may be smaller, that doesn’t mean that they will be less fun when you visit O’Connell’s Irish Pub and Grill. While the fare will be a little less “traditional,” you will be guaranteed a great experience if you choose to celebrate in Norman!

Other Fun St. Patrick’s Day Hot Spots in Oklahoma

Just because you aren’t in a metro area doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the rest of the state. In fact, many restaurants, bars, and pubs throughout the state are likely to be having their own unique festivities. Some of the places outside of OKC and Tulsa that we suggest you consider checking out this holiday include:

It’s no secret that Eskimo Joe’s is ranked one of the top college post-game hangouts. If you are hanging out in Stillwater, Oklahoma, make sure you stop into this staple restaurant to see what is on offer. While you are there, you can even get a unique St. Patrick’s Day-themed t-shirt that you can wear with pride and, hopefully, keep yourself from getting pinched!

As a locally-owned neighborhood bar in downtown Ardmore, Oklahoma, The Dew Drop Inn is sure to be popular during St. Patrick’s Day. Whether you are interested in trying their Pimento Grilled Cheese or want something a little simpler, like a taco salad, you can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day your own way while taking advantage of their many great drinks.

Anyone looking for great live music and even better drinks in Muskogee, Oklahoma, likely already knows about The Rail Taproom. As a famous local hotspot to enjoy live sports and enjoy a variety of beer, The Rail Taproom is guaranteed to be a fun atmosphere for anyone looking to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the Okie way while in Muskogee.

St. Patrick's Day Hot Spots

Do Not Rely on the Luck of the Irish this St. Patrick’s Day

Choosing not to drive drunk is not only about preserving your own safety and future but ensuring that others who are celebrating the holiday can also remain safe. Driving drunk has serious consequences that affect the driver that chooses to get behind the wheel and anyone they come into contact with.

If you plan to drink this holiday, keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Before leaving for your festivities, schedule a ride with a rideshare service or cab company.
  • Program cab company numbers into your phone ahead of time and USE THEM.
  • Ensure that your phone is fully charged before you go out so that you can order rideshare if needed.
  • Let friends and family know if you are designating yourself as a sober driver.
  • If you are sober to drive, offer to drive for someone too impaired to get behind the wheel.
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What Are Your Plans?

No matter what you choose to do for St. Patrick’s Day, there is no denying that the many cities across Oklahoma will have their own festivities and fun for you to participate in. If you choose to partake in the adult festivities this holiday, Why Not Oklahoma encourages you to drink responsibly and help protect the others around you. What are your favorite things to do for St. Patrick’s Day in Oklahoma?

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