Are you looking for a new place to call home? Oklahoma is a beautiful state that includes native-influenced cultures and new opportunities in business for its residents. With scenic turnouts, including over 200 lakes, state parks, outdoor activities, and much more to help entertain an outgoing lifestyle, Oklahoma provides a variety of adventurous locations and other explorative outlets such as fishing and hiking across recreational areas in the state.

Proud Oklahomans take advantage of the low cost of living, ranked the #3 state in the nation for most affordable housing. Oklahoma land is being led with vision through government accountability, job opportunities, infrastructure, education, and other critical categories we hold our community leaders responsible for. With family in mind, Oklahoma innovators continue to expand and improve cities and towns with the help of local pioneers. We are proud to call Oklahoma our home, and we hope you join us!

If you are looking to make a move somewhere new, we ask you, “Why Not Oklahoma?”

1. Low Cost of Living

The cost of living in Oklahoma has stayed below the national average across the United States. Specifically, cities like Tulsa and Oklahoma City make ideal relocations spots for Americans living outside of the state in a more expensive area. With rankings of the lowest living averages, Oklahoma provides affordable places to live and work whether you are single or have a family.

As inflation and home prices continue to rise, it is no wonder that Oklahoma has become a favorable living option. Lower costs in living give more opportunities to explore outside of your home. Citizen’s wallets stretch further across Oklahoma, making other luxuries like shopping and eating out possible, which in turn allows for communities to continue to thrive.

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2. Countless Outdoor Activities and Experiences

Oklahoma prides itself on its continual sustainment of public parks as a source for many citizens to relax and share time with their friends and family. Within Oklahoma City, there are biking trails, gardens, playgrounds, dog parks, art displays, and other attractions surrounding the area for communal enjoyment. Lake Hefner, Scissortail Park, and Gathering Place are also locations that have become the most popular among Oklahoma state citizens and visitors.

Gathering Place is located in Tulsa and offers a 100-acre riverfront park along the Arkansas River; Water activities such as sports courts, skate parks, biking trails, gardens, water attractions, and more are located within the park. With historic Route 66 and top-tier museums, Oklahoma knows how to display and give tribute to the many changes and efforts over the years. From dining out to catching your own fish for dinner, Oklahoma has something to offer for every individual and family to call home.

3. We Have Something for Everyone

Whether you like music, gaming, cooking, or playing some hoops, Oklahoma has so many fun and exciting ways to get involved throughout each community. Home to famous musicians such as Garth Brooks, Carrie Underwood, and Reba McEntire, Oklahoma has a history of producing stars while maintaining local bands.

The state also offers romantic getaways and locations that offer fine dining to spoil your sweetheart all year round. Restaurants throughout Oklahoma offer inclusive choices such as vegan or vegetarian options in some areas. With nightlife attractions ranging from bars, clubs, and cowboy ranches, Oklahoma has something for everyone. Communities also include groups for religious and business purposes. This state is truly one of a kind with all it offers its residents and their interests.

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4. Fine Dining and Local Gems

Oklahoma City and Tulsa have become hotspots for exploring popular eating and drinking. From mom-and-pop places, food trucks, and five-star dining, Oklahoma gives an experience of food like no other. Some of the most famous cooking in Oklahoma has been recognized as barbecue, steaks, burgers, chicken fried steak, fried pies, and fried okra; however, the list goes on!

If you ever get the chance to explore Oklahoma on Route 66, be sure and stop into the countless Made in Oklahoma businesses and support the local restaurants that you encounter on your trip. With the wide range of available options, we are confident you will find something you are sure to like!

5. Sustainable Business Growth for any Industry

From agricultural business to entrepreneurial developments, Oklahoma communities are growing faster than ever before. The Oklahoma business ecosystem has streamlined a lot of its processes to help develop programs and gain access to the right people and tools for your business venture.

Growing your dreams in Oklahoma is possible without boundaries. With energy costs lower than the national average, industry sectors are thriving and holding their stance as the backbone of the state while supporting businesses and services with lower rates.

6. Extensive Employment Opportunities

There is a wide variety of careers if you are interested in working for the state of Oklahoma, including wildlife, auditing, internships, higher education, health, and many others. Benefits include 15 paid days of vacation, 15 paid days of sick leave, 11 days of holiday pay, benefits for insurance, and considerable retirement plans for employees.

Other noteworthy opportunities include aviation, biotechnology, cyber security, transportation, and other business services. With exceptionally low unemployment rates in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, these cities have positive outlooks if you are relocating to a new job.

7. Centrally Located for Easy Travel

Oklahoma City and Tulsa are two larger cities with higher population sizes. The importance of travel for commuting citizens to work and other activities is one of the most favorable reasons why residents love living in Oklahoma.

Shorter commutes and travel times mean less hassle for you and your family. At a geographic center point in the country, the crossroads of I-40 and I-35 can lead you to any destination you desire. There is always a way to get to the fun with short travel times to surrounding states!

8. World-Renowned Colleges and Universities

You might be familiar with our college football scene, so it is no secret that Oklahoma offers its residential and out-of-state students distinctive institutions for attending higher education. There is a mixture of colleges classified as Research or Masters Universities, Baccalaureate/Associate Colleges, Faith-related Institutions, Technology-Related Institutions, two-year institutions, and tribal colleges.

Each college or university works deliberately to offer what is needed for its attendees, from online to in-person opportunities. Some of the most popular colleges can be recognized as University of Oklahoma (OU), Oklahoma State University (OSU), University of Central Oklahoma (UCO), East Central University (ECU), and University of Tulsa (UT).

9. Diverse Seasonal Weather

Residents of Oklahoma typically enjoy all four seasons throughout each lively year. This means that all seasonal activities can be experienced without going too far- with lakes, festivals, museums, gardens, and more, there is undoubtedly something to appease those seasonal blues! With an average of 231 sunny days per year, Oklahoma City loves the outdoors. Approximate temperatures include summer highs averaging around 93 degrees. Winter lows average approximately 27 degrees; Rain averages around 36 inches per year, and Snow averages around 6 inches per year.

10. Extensive Entertainment Options and Festivals

Lastly, Oklahoma uses the spring and summer months to live for outdoor fun and festivals. Musical influences range from country, rock, and local sounds to experience across the beautiful state. The most popular attractions include the Norman Music Festival, American Heritage Music Festival, and Rocklahoma. Oklahoma also offers art districts to explore at the Festival of Arts, Tulsa International Mayfest, and the Paseo Arts Festival.

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