Travel has become increasingly more challenging over the last two years. With each new strain of COVID-19 that appears, borders begin to close, and vast amounts of paperwork and hassle are required to even get on an airplane. Since there is no clear end in sight, it's always nice to know that a nationally recognized city is just a drive away for Oklahomans. Instead of looking outward, why not focus on the positives that your own state has to offer?

The Top Attractions in Tulsa for 2022

CNN recently released its report of the best places to travel in 2022. One notable location that Why Not Oklahoma is pleased to announce is Tulsa, Oklahoma. Even more impressive, the city shares the honor with several prominent locations in several trending countries, including Jordan, Chile, Nova Scotia, and Italy. In fact, aside from Yellowstone National Park, Tulsa was the only domestic city found on the list. To help explain this honor a little better, Why Not Oklahoma looked into the most popular attractions found in Tulsa.

Bob Dylan Center

With a tentative opening date of May 10, 2022, the Bob Dylan Center will be the home of over 100,000 cultural treasures owned or created over seven decades by the acclaimed artist. Some of the items that visitors can expect include handwritten lyrics, rare photographs, unreleased recordings, and much more. According to journalist Andy Greene from Rolling Stone, "Tulsa, Oklahoma, is about to become the center of the Bob Dylan universe." At Why Not Oklahoma, we welcome the addition to the city with open arms.

Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area

Breaking away from the hustle and bustle of the city to enjoy the outdoors is easy in Tulsa. Featuring 45 miles of dirt trails, Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area is perfect for trail running, hiking, or mountain biking. These locally famous trails are a quick escape into the wilderness in the middle of an otherwise bustling city area. For even more experiences in a less secluded location, consider checking out the other River Parks trails a short drive away that line the Arkansas River.

Greenwood Rising

Greenwood Rising is the flagship project of the Centennial Commission and honors Black Wall Street icons while also memorializing the victims of the Tulsa Race Massacre. A newly reconfigured Pathway to Hope also connects Greenwood Rising to John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park, further expanding the new Greenwood District experience for visitors. This educational experience works towards restoration and seeks to repair lingering historical racial trauma.

Gathering Place

Since opening to the public in 2018, Gathering Place has continued to gain national recognition, including USA Today's Best City Park in 2021 and placement on TIME Magazine's 100 Best Places to Visit 2019 list. With over 100 unique experiences available, visitors can be a part of wellness opportunities, unique activities, special events, and much more. As more than "just a park," Gathering Place also features a variety of quick treats and meals available to enhance the experience.

Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art

Spanning 13,700 square feet, the Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art features the largest collection of Jewish art in the American Southwest. Visitors can browse the Herman & Kate Kaiser Holocaust Collection that focuses on survivors who relocated to Oklahoma and other Oklahomans that helped liberate Nazi concentration camps. The permanent collection within the Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art holds over 16,000 pieces, including those with ritual and archaeological significance.

Woody Guthrie Center

Located in the Tulsa Arts District, the Woody Guthrie Center is an interactive museum that showcases the artist's instruments, handwritten lyrics, historical memorabilia, original artwork, and much more. As the most extensive collection of material chronicling Guthrie's life, any fan of the folk singer-songwriter is sure to have a great time browsing the museum's contents. In 2018, Woody Guthrie Center also unveiled a "Dust Bowl" experience that leverages virtual reality to replicate the conditions that inspired many of Guthrie's works.

Build Your Own Tulsa Itinerary

While only a small sample of the great attractions available in Tulsa, it's easy to see why the city continues to become a top travel destination in Oklahoma. At Why Not Oklahoma, we encourage the state's visitors to plan their own adventure by taking the time to search for Made in Oklahoma businesses to get an authentic experience of what the city has to offer. We are sure you will find something to love, from dining experiences to unique products that are only available in Tulsa.

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